Hi. I’m S.E. Sinkhorn. You can call me Steph.

This would normally be the place where I’d launch into a spiel about how I LOVE BOOKS and I LOVE WRITING and I LOVE THE EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER OF THE TEENAGE EXPERIENCE and I’ve DECIDED TO COMBINE ALL THREE PASSIONS, but you’re a bright audience. I’m sure you’ve figured that out already.

My poison includes YA speculative and contemporary. Sometimes I dream in verse. My favorite color is turquoise. I like to watch the fog crawl across the valley. I’m on the short side. Zinfandel is my drink of choice.

My short story, “Chasing Shadows,” was selected by Holly Black as the YA runner-up for the 2010 Katherine Paterson Prize for YA & Children’s Writing. You can read it here. I still have my “congratulations” letter taped to the wall by my desk, and it still makes me smile.

I like trees