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My approach to marketing has always been storytelling, first and foremost. Connecting with the reader is about understanding that they don’t want a dry sales pitch — they want to feel invested. Stories deliver that emotional connection. Whether your audience responds to humor, information, emotion, or a good old-fashioned reward system, I’ll help you deliver compelling content.

My marketing services include:

Content Marketing
Compelling content for websites, blogs, newsletters, and more.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO content designed to help more users find you during searches, along with keyword research and creative approaches.

When you need regular content to keep your website fresh and your name at the forefront of your customers’ minds, I can help. I’m happy to assist with topic research as well.

Social Media Calendars & Content
Need help staying on top of your social media content? I’m happy to create content by the month and help you with scheduling. I can also advise on how to better utilize your accounts.

My creative services include:

I have experience as a romance ghostwriter and am currently accepting fiction projects.

Article, Review & Op-Ed Writing
My writing services are available for your blog, magazine, or review site for a standard rate ($0.08 per word or so depending on research required). At this time, I do not write for exposure.

My rates:

Interested in my rates? Please contact me directly with inquiries about the work you require and I’ll respond with a quote. I will also gladly provide writing samples or my CV. Thank you!

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